Special Session SS35  28 June 2019

Hack Day

Aims and scope

Research, teaching, and outreach techniques in astronomy are evolving rapidly given the dawn of a data-driven, computationally intensive era. This in turn requires the astronomy community to come together, recognise outstanding problems, and envision creative solutions to them. A hack session, which deviates from a typical conference template, provides this very opportunity. Here, astronomers with varying levels of skills collaborate on a range of short, relevant projects related to analysis tools, broadcasting tools, community outreach, developing and trying tutorials on current techniques, and more. The projects are proposed prior to or during the session by one or many people, and teams are assembled on the day of the event. Each team tries to construct a working solution during the hack session, which can then be perfected and published in future.

More information on how to register both individual or as a team and propose projects to follow. Meanwhile please feel free to contact us with questions, if any.

Lastly, we will strive to promote diversity among participants in scientific topic and demographics such as seniority, gender, race/ethnicity, and country of origin. We will abide by the EAS Ethics Statement and Guidelines for Good Practice, share the document with our speakers, and let them know they must adhere to it.

Scientific organisers

Amruta Jaodand (ASTRON, NL), John Wenskovitch, Virginia Tech (US) Rachael Ainsworth, University of Manchester (UK)


Amruta Jaodand (a.d.jaodand @ uva.nl)

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