Special Session SS36  25 June 2019

Inclusion day: working towards an equitable, diverse and inclusive Astronomy

News: Link to dropbox containing slides https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1g3xhlnsdhq40mo/AACS6ZuFLLX95ENPlLdBM-cma?dl=0

Aims and scope

The goal is to raise awareness on a number of issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion in Astronomy, and discuss the impact they have on scientists at any stage of their career. These topics include (but are not limited to) race, gender, sexual identity and sexual orientation, different ability, age, socio-economic-background, nationality, ethnicity, neuro-diversity, religion and any intersections of them.

We also aim to highlight, support, motivate and promote inclusive initiatives addressing equal participation in outreach, teaching, and at a professional aspects in the field of astronomy.

The SS will include talks in a traditional format, covering a variety of themes related to inclusion and diversity, the opportunity to experience research tools using multi-sensorial exploration, the exhibition "Inspiring stars" and plenty of time for discussion of these issues in a safe, welcoming space.


Topics will include:

  • Areas of inequity and lack of diversity
  • Best practices for institutions to deal with unconscious bias, imposter syndrome and raise Mental Health awareness
  • Best practices for universities, research institutions and other employers for dealing with bullying and harassment
  • Involve and motivate collaboration among local organisations in the work for inclusion in astronomy at research, didactic and outreach aspects.
  • Give the opportunity to experience inclusive research tools
  • Showcase the IAU exhibition "Inspiring Stars"
  • Generous time will be allocated for open discussion related to these issues

Invited speakers

List will be added soon

Scientific organisers

  • Emmanouil Angelakis (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, EAS council secretary)
  • Lina Canas (IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach)
  • Corinne Charbonnel†(Geneva Observatory) Co-chair
  • Maria Rosaria D'Antonio (IAP)
  • Wanda Diaz Merced (SAAO) Co-chair
  • Helen Jermak (Liverpool JM , UK)
  • Sheila Kanani (Royal Astronomical Society, UK)
  • Marios Karouzos (Nature Astronomy, UK)
  • Johan Knapen (IAC, Spain, EAS Council)
  • Sara Lucatello (INAF, Padova, EAS Vice-President) Co-chair
  • Isabel Marquez (Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia)
  • Jorge Rivero Gonzalez (University of Leiden)
  • Paul Woods (Nature Astronomy)


For inquiries please email Sara Lucatello sara.lucatello @ inaf.it

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