Lunch Session LS10  6 April 2018

Nova Lunch

Aims and scope

This session represents an opportunity for people attending the SS29 session to present and discuss poster contributions, through a series of 2 minutes mini-talks, followed by a general Q&A discussion on open questions in nova science.

Program of the session (Start @ 13:40)


  • F. Walter : "Decadal-Scale Evolution of High Excitation Novae"
  • T. O'Brien : "High-resolution radio imaging of novae"
  • A. Kawash : "Radio Emission from V5666 Sgr"
  • I. van Bemmel : "Very Long Baseline Interferometry imaging of the advancing ejecta in the first gamma-ray nova V407 Cygni"
  • A. Arai : "Nucleosynthesis in Classical Novae: Detection of Beryllium-7 by Optical High-Resolution Spectroscopic Observations"
  • H. Kawakita : "Nucleosynthesis in Classical Novae: Isotopic Ratios of Carbon and Nitrogen in V2676 Oph"
Q&A break
  • M. Orio : "Multimission observations of the 2015 "dwarf nova" outburst of the old nova GK Per"
  • M. Orio : "The X-ray image of the superluminous nova SMC 2016"
  • G. Sala : "The role of the accretion disk in post-outburst classical novae: the case of V5116 Sgr"
  • M. Healy : "Unusual novae observed using the Liverpool Telescope"
  • O. Pejcha : "The physics of light curves of luminous red novae"
  • D. Sahman : "Discovery of an old nova shell surrounding the Cataclysmic variable V1315 Aql"
  • I. Voloshina : "Results of Optical Monitoring of Cataclysmic Variable, Nova GK Per"
  • N. Castro-Segura : "V341 Ara -- the nova-like variable that has it all"

Scientific organisers

  • L. Izzo (IAA-CSIC, Spain - chair)
  • M. Henze (SDSU, USA - chair)
  • L. Chomiuk (MSU, USA)
  • M. Darnley (LJMU, UK)
  • S. Kafka (AAVSO, USA)
  • E. Mason (INAF-TS, Italy)
  • S. Mohamed (SAAO, South Africa)
  • P. Mroz (Warsaw U., Poland)
  • K. Page (Leicester U., UK)
  • V. Ribeiro (Aveiro U/IT, Portugal)

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