Lunch Session LS8  4 April 2018

Media Training Workshop - Telling a Compelling Story

News: Session to offer tips, advice and guidance on how researchers can tell a compelling story about their work when talking to the media.

Aims and scope

This session offers an introduction to astronomy researchers on how to emphasise the impact of their work on air and in print without dumbing down.

If you have little or no media experience but would like to start talking about your work to as wide an audience as possible then this will be a valuable opportunity to:

- learn some key tips on working with your institutions Media Team to develop a compelling key message

- make scientific language accessible without dumbing down

- learn some basics on the do's and don't's of presenting your research when speaking to a journalist

- learn a successful way to engage with the media audience by employing easily remembered principles and skills

- some truths about what a journalist is really after.


Invited speakers

  • Jake Gilmore, Media Manager, STFC.
  • Robert Massey, Deputy Executive Director, RAS

Scientific organisers
The UK's Science and Technology Facilities Council and the Royal Astronomical Society


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