Special Session SS13  6 April 2018

Galaxy clusters and groups across cosmic time

Aims and scope

To present, share and discuss the latest research on the observations, theory and simulations of the broad aspects of galaxy cluster science. This will encompass the following areas: evolution of cluster galaxies, low surface brightness astronomy within a clusters context (e.g. ICL, ULSB satellites), feedback and its relation to the intracluster medium, high-z proto-clusters, observational cosmology with galaxy clusters (e.g. galaxy cluster counts, lensing, SZ, X-rays), mass estimation and scaling relations of galaxy clusters, computational LSS cosmology with respect to galaxy clusters and semi-analytic models/hydrodynamic simulations of galaxy formation in high density environments.

This session is particularly timely as it will bring together observers and theoreticians from the cluster astrophysics and cosmology communities to foster collaborations for upcoming facilities such as eROSITA, Euclid, JWST, LSST and ELT.


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Invited speakers

  • James Bartlett (Paris Diderot)
  • Dominique Eckert (Geneva)
  • Ian McCarthy (LJMU)
  • Paola Popesso (Excellence Cluster Universe, TUM)

Scientific organisers
John Stott (Lancaster), Scott Kay (Manchester), Kate Furnell (LJMU), Nina Hatch (Nottingham), Alexis Finoguenov (MPE, Helsinki)

John Stott j.p.stott @ lancaster.ac.uk

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