Special Session SS3  5 April 2018

Astrophysical jets in the era of multi-messenger astronomy

Aims and scope

Collimated outflows, the so-called jets, are ubiquitous among astrophysical sources including -- but not limited to -- gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), active galactic nuclei (AGN) and micro-quasars. Even though jets are born in widely different environments, it is commonly accepted that relativistic jets are powered by the accretion of matter onto a compact object.

Yet, many aspects of jet physics are still a matter of debate.

  • What are the launching and dissipation mechanisms at work as well as the role of magnetic fields?
  • What is the matter content of jets? Where and how are gamma-rays produced in jets?
  • Are jets accelerating ultra-high energy cosmic rays and emitting high-energy neutrinos?
  • Is the jetted emission a promising electromagnetic (E/M) counterpart to a LIGO compact-object merger event?

This special session aims at bringing together researchers working on different physical aspects of jets from extragalactic and Galactic sources, particle astrophysics and gravitational wave physics. Special emphasis will be placed on how one can exploit astrophysical messengers, including light and its variability, neutrinos, cosmic rays and gravity waves to constrain the jet physics and progenitors. Although the symposium will focus on open theoretical issues, a critical overview of the observational status will serve as the starting point of the discussions. Contributions not selected for an oral presentation will be considered as posters.

The selection process of review talks and posters will be based on a fair representation of scientific ideas, scientific seniority, and gender according to ESA policy for diversity and non discrimination.


  • Energy dissipation in jets
  • Gamma-rays from Galactic & extragalactic jets
  • Neutrinos, cosmic rays & gravitational waves

Invited speakers

  • Lorenzo Sironi (Columbia University) Dissipation mechanisms in jets
  • Marco Ajello (Clemson University) Gamma-rays from Galactic & Extragalactic jets: status & challenges
  • Anna Franckowiak (DESY) Multi-messenger view of jets: status & prospects

Scientific organisers
Maria Petropoulou (Princeton University), Dimitrios Giannios (Purdue University), Nektarios Vlahakis (University of Athens), Elisa Resconi (Technical University of Munich), Apostolos Mastichiadis (University of Athens), Sergei Komissarov (University of Leeds)

Maria Petropoulou: mpetropo @ purdue.edu, maroulaaki @ gmail.com

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