Special Session SS23  29 June 2022

Towards the SKA Observatory: Artificial Intelligence in radio astronomy

Aims and scope

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolutionizing a wide area of research domains, radio astronomers are intensively working to the development of AI-related methods and technologies in view of the beginning of operations of the SKA Observatory (SKAO). AI developments in the radio astronomical field are crucial if we are to fully exploit the scientific potential of the SKAO. Domains ranging across galactic and extragalactic astronomy, cosmology and fundamental physics are seeing a proliferation of AI applications to data, all underpinned by the efforts in calibration and imaging, to find novel solutions to the challenges of huge and complex datasets. In this special session, we will highlight ongoing AI developments in radio astronomy that are being driven by already operational SKA pathfinder and precursor facilities. Our aim is also to bring together expertise from diverse science areas of radio astronomy, to promote the sharing of AI approaches.


  • To highlight the contribution of European researchers in Artificial Intelligence in radio astronomy
  • To present a variety of exciting high-impact AI developments for radio astronomy from diverse research domains and in the context of the SKA, with special emphasis on applications for SKA-precursors and pathfinders
  • To highlight the contribution of European researchers in Artificial Intelligence in radio astronomy
  • To discuss about future perspectives and to identify still unexplored fields based on expected SKA needs
  • To give an opportunity to junior researchers and students to showcase their latest findings via lightning talks about their posters


  • Numerical simulations and foreground removal: AI for EoR and Cosmology
  • Time domain and dynamic sky: AI for pulsars, transients and multi-messenger science
  • Radio continuum and HI surveys: AI for galactic and extragalactic science applications
  • Next-generation radio surveys: AI for calibration and imaging

Invited speakers

  • Marta Spinelli (ETH, Switzerland)
  • Oleg Smirnov (Rhodes University, South Africa)
  • Ben Stappers (University of Manchester, UK)
  • David Cornu (Observatoire de Paris, France)

Scientific organisers

  • Chiara Ferrari (OCA, France) - Chair
  • Anna Scaife (University of Manchester/The Alan Turing Institute, UK) - Co-Chair
  • Isabella Prandoni (INAF, Italy)
  • Laura Darriba (Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, Spain)
  • Philippa Hartley (SKAO)
  • Tao An (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, China)
  • Ivy Wong (CSIRO, Australia)
  • Yves Wiaux (Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, UK)
  • Mattia Vaccari (University of the Western Cape & Inter-University Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy, South Africa)


chiara.ferrari @ oca.eu & anna.scaife @ manchester.ac.uk

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