Plenary Talks

  1. Michel Mayor (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
    Doppler cross-correlation spectroscopy as a path to the detection of Earth-like planets. - From CORAVEL to ESPRESSO via ELODIE (Mon 15:30)
  2. Didier Queloz (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom & ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
    Exoplanets and life in the Universe (Fri 15:00)
  3. Javier Rodríguez-Pacheco (University of Alcal´a, Spain)
    Encounters with our star: Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe (Mon 16:30)
  4. Carme Jordi (University of Barcelona, Spain)
    The richness of Gaia Data Release 3 (Tue 16:00)
  5. Roberto Maiolino (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
    (Tue 16:30)
  6. Huib van Langevelde (JIVE, The Netherlands)
    Resolving the shadows of Black Holes with the EHT (Wed 15:00)
  7. Zita Martins (University of Lisboa, Portugal)
    Recent achievements in the exploration of the solar system (Fri 15:30)
  8. Olivier Hainaut (ESO, Germany)
    Satellite Large Constellations and Astronomy - what is the problem and what are we doing about it? (Mon 16:00)

Community Reports

  1. Markus Kissler-Patig (ESA report)
    (Tue 15:30)
  2. Robert Braun (SKA Organisation, United Kingdom)
    (Tue 15:45)
  3. Michele Cirasuolo (ESO report)
    (Fri 16:00)

Prize Award Talks and Ceremonies

In addition, the following prizes will be presented during EAS 2022: