Volunteer information for EAS2022

The EAS 2022 Hosting Committee is looking for volunteers to help with the local organisation of the event. Volunteers will be granted:

  • a fee waiver (see conditions below)
  • free lunches and coffee breaks
  • free access to the student's social event near the beach

Volunteers are expected to help with different aspects of the organisation for as many hours as they wish. Please take into account that to obtain the fee waiver volunteers need to work for at least 6 shifts (approx. 3 days or 6 half days in total during the week). Candidates will be allocated a minimum of 6 shifts of volunteering - but should remain available for more during the week, in case of last minute issues.

The deadline for volunteering has passed. Candidates will be informed shortly.


How do I register to the conference, if confirmed as a volunteer?

Once your volunteering will be confirmed (early May), you will be sent a special volunteer link to register and get your fee waiver.

When will I receive final confirmation of my shifts to volunteer at?

Early May, you will receive confirmation of the shifts allocated to you, along with the detailed description of your assigned roles.

When will I receive a special volunteer registration link to register for the conference with a fee waiver?

You will receive a special registration link for fee waiver around mid-May. When you register with the fee waiver link, you automatically confirm to perform the tasks assigned to you in the Volunteer Schedule that will have been shared with you. If you do not follow the required training and do not volunteer after all, the fee waiver will be annulled. After your payment of the fee, you will obtain admittance to EAS2022 again.

Is it a specialist job to volunteer?

The most important thing is to be comfortable with English speaking and human exchanges. Computing skills will be required for some roles.

Will I get a certificate stating that I volunteered at EAS2022?

Yes! A few weeks after the conference you will receive a volunteer certificate.

Will I get training on my volunteer tasks?

Yes and the training is mandatory to be eligible. The training will take place on Sunday afternoon at the conference venue (time to be communicated at a later stage).

If I do not volunteer after all, will I be too late to register as a regular participant?

The registration deadline is 26 June, so you have ample time to register if you do not volunteer. Please note that you will forfeit your fee waiver of course if you do not volunteer a minimum of 6 shifts or fail to follow the training prior to the conference. Please inform us at eas2022volun @ uv.es.

As a volunteer, which social events do I have access to?

You are welcome to attend the student event (Tuesday), running event (Wednesday) and the public talk (Wednesday). The conference dinner would be at your own charge.

I have other questions. Who can I contact?

You can contact us at eas2022volun @ uv.es (Amelia & Jose Carlos).