Public popular lecture

We invite you to a popular science lecture presented by Prof. Aleksander Wolszczan, the discoverer of the first extrasolar planets. The lecture entitled Planety poza Układem Słonecznym: 30 lat później (Planets outside the Solar System: 30 years later) will take place on July 14, 2023 at 7:00 pm in ICE Kraków. The lecture will be given only in Polish.

Professor Wolszczan will talk about the history of the search for planets outside the Solar System, recall his (quite surprising at the time) discovery of a planetary system around a "dead" neutron star, as well as the finding of the first planet orbiting a Sun-like star. He will also summarize the current state of extrasolar planet research and future plans in this field.

Those wishing to attend the lecture are asked to apply at: <eas2023 @>. Without notification, entry will be possible in case of free place.

Professor Aleksander Wolszczan, Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico.
Source: Urania - Postępy Astronomii