Special Session SS6  2 July 2021

Diversity and Inclusion Day

Aims and scope

In this annual event, organized on behalf of the EAS Council, we aim to draw together all parties interested in diversity and inclusion in astronomy, specifically:

  • to reflect on the status of the European astronomical community regarding equal opportunities (concerning gender, ethnicity, cultural and religious backgrounds, disability, etc.)
  • to reflect on identified barriers before entering academia (for example gender balance, minorities - related to ethnicity, religion, disabilities, marginalized groups, etc. - to science and how astronomy may contribute, and stereotypes and misconceptions in education and outreach)
  • to identify best practices, tools, and methods to overcome misconceptions and stereotypes related to astronomy (in the community and in society at large)
  • to reflect on barriers for staying and being successful in academia related to inclusion and diversity (for example Stress, bullying, and burnout related to gender, religious or ethnic motives; Career balance and career opportunities (seem different for different social groups); Counseling and mentoring minorities in astronomy (best practices); Stereotypes and misconceptions may influence the science we do)
  • to reflect on future actions for a more equitable and inclusive practice of the science of astronomy


  • Session 1: State of Diversity and Inclusion in European Astronomy
  • Lunch: Race and Ethnicity in Astronomy
  • Session 2: Workshop: Mentoring and supervising driven by diversity and inclusion
  • Session 3: Celebrating Diversity in European Astronomy
Posters are accepted in the following groups:
  • Posters from Affiliated Societies exhibiting their diversity and inclusion programs and plans
  • Contributed Posters on Practise and Methodology
  • Contributed Posters Celebrating Diversity in European Astronomy

Invited speakers

Scientific organisers

  • Co-Chair: Jake Noel-Storr [they/their] (Groningen University, Netherlands)
  • Co-Chair: Antoaneta Antonova [she/her] (IANAO, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences / EAS Council)
  • Holly Andrews [she/her] (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
  • Sara Anjos [she/her] (Univ. Minho/Univ. Leiden)
  • Marco Gullieuszik [he/him] (INAF Padova, Italy)
  • Helen Jermak [she/her] (Liverpool JM University, UK)
  • Sara Lucatello [she/her] (INAF Padova, EAS VP, Italy / EAS Council)
  • Sarah White [she/her] (Rhodes University, South Africa)
  • Johan Knapen [he/him] (IAC Tenerife, Spain)


Please contact Jake Noel-Storr jake @ accessastronomy.eu

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