Welcome to EAS 2020 !
Moving to a virtual meeting

European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting
(formerly known as EWASS)

Hosting NAC 2020 (July 1-3, 2020),
75th Conference of the Royal Nederlandse Astronomenclub (NAC)

29 June – 3 July 2020
Moving to a virtual meeting!

Join the First Virtual EAS Conference!

Tomorrow the first virtual EAS Annual Meeting 2020 will start, to be joined on Wednesday with the first virtual annual meeting of the Dutch Astronomers Conference NAC.

All participants have now received their log in credentials and can already visit the Onair EAS2020 conference platform.

We warmly recommend you try to connect to the platform today, please do not forget to open in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Opera web browser. To help you familiarise yourself with the many, very accommodating and sophisticated features you can visit the KUONI Help Desk Platform. There are text instructions, short user videos for participants, speakers, chairs and volunteers.

You can enter the platform by clicking on the question mark on the Top Right of the Onair conference platform Landing Page. Select the second tab, KUONI Help Desk Platform.

To enhance your participation to the EAS2020 and NAC2020 conference, visit the conference platform now!

Important dates:
Moving toward a virtual meeting : 30 Mar 2020


Ethics and Anti-harassment statement

The EAS considers its annual EWASS meetings to be a privileged occasion for free and frank interchange of scientific ideas, as well as for the nurturing and creation of professional and social contacts. Any abuse of power or inappropriate behaviour has no place at EAS 2020.

On 23 January 2018, EAS Council has adopted the EAS Ethics Statement and Guidelines for Good Practice. These will apply during EAS 2020 and all participants are urged to read the document and follow its recommendations. Furthermore all participants will need to abide to the code of conduct.

Important information on unsolicited requests for hotels

The EAS strongly recommends booking accommodation for EAS 2020 exclusively through our official partner, Kuoni Congress. We especially urge caution when receiving unsolicited offers to provide hotel rooms or other services, or unsolicited phone calls requesting, e.g., to confirm your hotel reservations. We strongly advise you not to engage with any of these other companies, and cannot accept any responsibility for adverse consequences should you choose to do so. In case of any questions, kindly contact Kuoni Congress at eas2020 @ kuoni-congress.com.