Special Session SS9  28 June 2021

European Forum of Astronomical Communities

Aims and scope

The European Forum of Astronomical Communities is a platform of the EAS to discuss the development of underrepresented astronomy communities in Europe. The forum launched during EWASS 2017 in Prague and has been held every year since then. The session has met with large interest and we plan to propose it also for the 2021 Leiden EAS meeting.

Summary of Goals:

  • Maintain an EAS Forum for discussing ways to support underrepresented astronomical communities in Europe, especially concerning their potential to participate in major infrastructures and outreach programmes, and to increase internationalization.
  • Support the professionalisation of astronomy communities in Europe by identifying ways to increase opportunities and access to training, mentoring, exchange schemes, secondments and fellowships, travel and research grants, and to increase diversity in the field.
  • Present current research, industrial and educational networking activities in the field of astronomy available in Europe
  • Explore how the European Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (E-ROAD) can support connecting European astronomy institutes to stimulate capacity building. Inspire the underrepresented communities to think about the wider socio-economic impact from the outset to maximise the societal benefit.
  • Programme

    • Activities of the IAU office for development
    • IAU junior members
    • Opportunities within the new OPTICON+RadioNet Pilot
    • Europlanet network
    • News from the European Interferometry Initiative
    • European COST actions in astronomy

    Invited speakers

    • Michelle Willebrands (IAU, OAD) - The IAU Astronomy for Development network in Europe
    • Maria Drozdovskaya (UniBe, CH) and Fatoumata Kebe (AE, FR) -IAU Working Group of Junior Members
    • Agnieszka Slowikowska (UMK Torun,PL)  - Opticon RadioNet Pilot
    • Gerry Gilmore (Univ.Cambridge, UK) - Optical astronomy research opportunities  in the OPTICON-RadioNet Pilot
    • Rob Beswick (Univ.Manchester, UK) - Joint Action to harmonise astronomical facility access within the OPTICON-RadioNet Pilot programme
    • Heidi Korhonen (ESO, CL) - Optical and infra-red astronomy training in ORP
    • Lukasz Wyrzykowski (Univ.Warsaw, PL) - Global network of small telescopes for time-domain science
    • Wolf Geppert (US, SE) - The European Astrobiology Institute - Taking Research, Training and Public Engagement in Astrobiology to a new level
    • Grazina Tautvaisiene (Univ.Vilnius, LT) - The Europlanet Telescope Network: A global Collaboration of Small Telescope Facilities
    • Edita Stonkute (Univ.Vilnius, LT) - Europlanet Mentorship Platform for early career researchers
    • Andrew Williams (ESO, GE) - European Southern Observatory: Overview and opportunities
    • Claudia Paladini (ESO, CL) - News from the European Interferometry Initiative
    • Carme Jordi (ICC, Univ.de Barcelona) - MW Gaia COST action
    • Andreja Gomboc (UNG, SL) - Community building: GWverse COST action

    Scientific organisers

    Rob Beswick - University of Manchester (UK); Maria Drozdovskaya - University of Bern (CH); Wolf Geppert - Stockholm University Astrobiology Centre (SE); Gerry Gilmore - University of Cambridge (UK); Agata Karska - Nicolaus Copernicus University (PL); Milena Ratajczak - University of Warsaw (PL); Michelle Willebrands - IAU (NL); Andrew Williams - ESO; Lukasz Wyrzykowski - University of Warsaw (PL) - Chair


    Lukasz Wyrzykowski (lw AT astrouw.edu.pl)

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