Consent for EAS 2020 participation

Status 25.06.2020

This consent page pertains to speakers and participants in the upcoming EAS 2020 Virtual Meeting .


  • The speaker authorizes Kuoni Congress to record the presentation.
  • If a speaker does not give his/her consent to record his/her presentation, it will not be possible for him/her to give the talk during the EAS 2020 Virtual Meeting.
  • Kuoni Congress on behalf of EAS is allowed to host and archive EAS conference videos.
  • Kuoni Congress will make the recording available only for registered attendees on the EAS 2020 virtual platform (during one month) with the same credentials used during the Virtual Meeting. Presentations will only be available on streaming option basis.


  • If this presentation is based upon work that has been sponsored or supported by any agency or organization, the speaker is responsible that he/she has fulfilled any right of review or other obligation required by contract or agreement with the supporting entity.
  • The speaker is further responsible that the presentation does not, to the best of his/her knowledge, infringe upon any third-party's copyright.
  • Kuoni Congress and EAS are not responsible for and does not hold the copyrights to speaker presentations. Kuoni Congress and EAS are not liable for any damages resulting from the opinions and ideas communicated during the conference among participants, including but not limited to speakers and attendees.
  • Kuoni Congress and EAS are not liable for any conference participant presentations, comments, or remarks that might reasonably offend anyone.
  • Neither Kuoni Congress nor EAS can be held responsible in the event that the presenter encounters difficulties with regard to the broadcasting of his/her presentation on the platform for any reason (bad internet connection, defective audio materials, etc) - No compensation or reimbursement can be requested in this case.


As the congress is moving virtual, it is important to remember that a code of conduct still applies. It can be tempting to hide behind the anonymity of virtual platforms. We expect our community to behave in the same manner as it would at our in-person events, and to respect the EAS 2020 code of conduct. Any online harassment, of any kind, will not be tolerated; we will take swift action to remove you from our virtual platforms and events should you act in a way that contravenes the spirit of our code.


  • You may not reproduce or record any written materials, the virtual meetings or video, if any, provided the speaker(s) during the Event in their entirety and distribute them in any form.
  • You may not use the name, likeness, or any speaker's biographical information, including but not limited to, their name, trademark and logo in connection with the Congress.
  • You may not create audio or video recordings of the Event presentation, in its entirety or any portion of the Event presentation, given by speaker(s) during the Event, and may not simultaneously broadcast or live-stream the Presentation Recordings, or post the Presentation Recordings on any website.