Virtual EAS2020 highlights

Status 25.06.2020


Virtual EAS2020 and NAC2020 conference


From 29 June to 3 July 2020


Now open until 3 July 2020, see registration page. 80 € for the full week and 50 € for 1 day attendance

Scientific Program

Mostly unchanged, the same as for the previously scheduled meetings EAS2020 Leiden and NAC2020 Leiden, see programme page.


EAS2020 virtual website, FAQ, emails to participants, Twitter, Facebook. Continuously updated.


EAS2020 contact page


Brand new platform (Onair) for virtual conference offering Zoom facilities fully embedded in a personal and secured environment. Q&A, exhibition space and interactive posters will be offered, while live chats will be done via Slack ( Full online support before and during the conference will be given to all the attendees, speakers, session chairs & exhibitors. Recorded sessions, available for one month after congress to registered participants.


• Removal of the significant barrier of travel and lodging expenses
• Allowing conference participants to participate remotely will reduce the carbon footprint, helping the environment and allowing to visit the conference while not being absent at home or work
• Online materials, as for example ePosters and recorded sessions will enhance the exchange of knowledge and author & audience contact, during and even after the conference.


Security issues became apparent with Zoom shortly after its popularity soared early in the COVID-19 crisis. Some are easily addressed by following simple instructions on how to adjust the software's security settings. Others involve privacy concerns. Zoom is working feverishly to address all such issues, and we expect solutions to be available well before our virtual meeting occurs. If your institute (temporarily) blocks the use of Zoom, you can also opt for connecting on a private device (mobile phone, laptop, etc).