How to join the EAS 2020 Virtual meeting

Status 24.06.2020


Recommendations for joining the EAS2020 Virtual Platform

  • Make sure you use Google Chrome with its chromium functionalities. The platform will NOT work on Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer... The platform will also work on Linux as long as Chrome is used or at least the source code Chromium (available on other browsers like Opera, Amazon Silk, and Microsoft Edge).
  • Disable the pop-up blockers on the browser otherwise it creates issues.
  • Check your internet connection, bandwidth requirements: 2.0 Mbps up - 4.0 Mbps down for optimal use.

EAS 2020 virtual will be held on the new online platform OnAir. Upon registration for the conference, you will receive a login for this platform by e-mail. Please contact the EAS 2020 Kuoni team should you not have received this link or in case you have problems connecting.

The online platform will allow you to see the programme and join any session. Each session consists of a Zoom webinar. It also has a Q&A section at the side to ask questions regarding the talk. Furthermore, the platform supports poster viewing, exhibitors and a networking hub with live (video) chatting between participants. Since the chat feature on this platform is limited to 1:1 chats and the Q&A is only active during a session, we have in addition set up the Slack space

Upon registration for the conference, you will also receive a personal invitation e-mail via Slack. Please follow the instructions in that e-mail to register an account for this Slack space and join us there for a lively discussion, also before and after the sessions. There is one Slack channel per session and you can subscribe to one, a few or all of them using the "Channel browser" or by simply clicking the "+" icon next to "Channels" in Slack.

More information about our interactive platforms: