Lunch Session LS4  2 July 2020

CDS Reference Services

News: There will also be a CDS booth in the exhibition area!!!

Aims and scope

This session is intended to update the community on the services and tools provided by the Strasbourg Astronomical Data Centre (CDS - Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg). The session will highlight the capabilities the CDS reference services (SIMBAD, VizieR and Aladin). Major evolutions in CDS services, including the CDS Portal, the CDS fast catalogue cross match service, access to 100s of all-sky image surveys, and use of CDS services via python will be demonstrated.

Special attention will be given to explaining the role of CDS services in the publication of data from refereed astronomy journals. Presentations will highlight the best practices for authors to facilitate the efficient ingestion of data from their publications into the CDS services, and a dedicated discussion time will be allocated for community feedback.


  • CDS reference services for the global astronomy community
  • SIMBAD - building and maintaining the reference database of astronomical objects from the literature
  • VizieR - Make your data visible: catalogues and associated data
  • Demonstration of CDS services
  • Discussion - best practices and community feedback

Scientific organisers

Pierre Ocvirk (CDS, Chair), Mark Allen (CDS), Cécile Loup (CDS), Katharina Lutz (CDS), Thierry Forveille (external CDS Scientific Council)


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