Symposium S15  29 - 30 June 2020

The circumgalactic medium

Aims and scope

The goal of this symposium is to get a comprehensive overview of the current state of CircumGalactic Medium (CGM) studies. Within the context of substantial recent progress in improving numerical simulations and theoretical models, successful large observational surveys, like MUSE-GTO and COS-Halos, and forthcoming large facilities (e.g. JWST, ELT, GMT), this is an extremely timely topic. By gathering both observers and modellers studying the CGM in emission and/or absorption, the symposium aims at addressing the different methodologies (observations, numerical simulations and analytic models) used to understand this medium at the interface between galaxies and the large-scale structures of the Universe. We will discuss the recent progress in observational and theoretical studies and the implications for our understanding of galaxy formation and evolution across cosmic time. The symposium will be organised around three main topics. The first one will focus on mapping the CGM and aims at answering questions regarding its morphology and spatial properties. The second one will be dedicated to the kinematics of the CGM, more specifically to the gas flows between galaxies and their environment, as well as their impact/connection on the host galaxy. The third topic will cover the study of the physical state of the CGM including metal enrichment.


  • Mapping the CGM
  • Gas flows around galaxies
  • Physical state and metal enrichment of the CGM

Invited speakers

  • Lutz Wisotzki (Leibniz-Institut fur Astrophysik Potsdam)
  • Michele Fumagalli (Durham University)
  • CÚline Peroux (ESO)

Scientific organisers

  • Floriane Leclercq (University of Geneva)
  • Maxime Trebitsch (MPlA Heidelberg)
  • Anna Feltre (SISSA Trieste)
  • Anne Verhamme (University of Geneva)
  • Johannes Zabl (CRAL Lyon)
  • Peter Mitchell (Leiden University)

Contact, trebitsch @

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