Special Session SS15  30 June 2020

Africa-European collaborations in astronomy and space science: room to grow

Aims and scope

In the last 18 months, developments in astronomy and space science in Africa have moved apace: the HERA and MeerKAT telescopes have come online, the African Astronomical Society (AfAS) has been re-established, Cape Town has won the bid to host the 2024 General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union on behalf of the African continent. This special session offers an opportunity to highlight developments in space science and astronomy in Africa, and to promote collaboration between Africa and Europe.


SS15a: 9:00 Tuesday 30 June
SS15b: 14:30 Tuesday 30 June
SS15c: 16:30 Tuesday 30 June

  • consolidating and expanding collaborations between European and African researchers
  • highlighting forthcoming opportunities for new astronomy and space science infrastructure development in Africa
  • exploration of existing and potential human capital development initiatives in Africa
  • Africa's vision for hosting the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Cape Town in 2024
  • building strong links and possible joint programmes between AfAS and EAS

Invited speakers

  • Takalani Nemaungani DSI, South Africa
  • Anna Scaife University of Manchester, UK
  • Jamal Mimouni AfAS & Univ Constantine, Algeria
  • Marc Klein Wolt Radboud Univ, Netherlands
  • David Baratoux Universite de Toulouse, France
  • Linda Strubbe American Association of Physics Teachers, USA

Scientific organisers

  • Vanessa McBride (IAU OAD & UCT, South Africa), co-chair
  • Mirjana Povic (ESSTI, Ethiopia & IAA-CSIC, Spain), co-chair
  • Kevin Govender (IAU OAD, South Africa)
  • Charles Takalani (DSI, South Africa)
  • Jamal Mimouni (Algeria)
  • Marjolijn Vermeulen (Radboud University, Netherlands)
  • Eli Kasai (UNAM, Namibia)
  • Ernst van Groningen (Uppsala University, Sweden)
  • Naftali Kimani (Kenyatta University, Kenya)
  • Anna Scaife (UoM, United Kingdom)


Vanessa McBride: vanessa @ astro4dev.org
Mirjana Povic: mpovic @ iaa.es

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