Special Session SS26  2 July 2020

NAC: Simulations, models & theory

Aims and scope

The Dutch Astronomers Conference (NAC) is organized yearly to bring together astronomers from all over the Netherlands. This year's edition is held concurrently and colocal with EASAM.

This plenary session of the NAC will focus on the work done on simulations, models and theory at the Dutch institutes.


  • The mysterious evolution of AGB binaries Onno Pols
  • Dynamics of black hole accretion. Of flux-tubes, plasmoids and transient phenomena Oliver Porth
  • External photoevaporation of circumstellar discs constrains the time-scale for planet formation Francisca Concha Ramirez
  • Simulating the first galaxies and reionization with ASTRAEUS Anne Hutter
  • Putting the hair back on black holes Sera Markoff
The invited talks are 20 minutes plus 4 minutes for questions / switchover time. Contributed talks are 10+4 minutes each.

Invited speakers

  • Sera Markoff (University of Amsterdam)
  • Onno Pols (Radboud University)

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