Special Session SS27  2 July 2020


Aims and scope

This is a session where the NOVA directors will discuss the current and future research that will be done by the individual NOVA Networks.

Network I - Formation and evolution of galaxies: from high redshift to the present. Network II - Formation and evolution of stars and planetary systems. Network III - Astrophysics in extreme conditions.


  • NOVA Network 1 Henk Hoekstra
  • NOVA Network 2 Ignas Snellen
  • NOVA Network 3 Anna Watts

This session consists of 10 - 15 minute talks, all done by the invited speakers. See the NAC schedule for specific times.

Invited speakers

  • Henk Hoekstra Leiden Observatory
  • Ignas Snellen Leiden Observatory
  • Anna Watts Anton Pannekoek Institute

Scientific organisers

Huub Röttgering, Jan Lub, Simon Portegies Zwart, Martijn Oei, Martijn Wilhelm, Frits Sweijen, Lydia Stofanova, Dirk van Dam, Rafaël Mostert, Marieke Baan


Dirk van Dam: dmvandam @ strw.leidenuniv.nl

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