Special Session SS29  2 July 2020

NAC: Astrophysical simulations with AMUSE

Aims and scope

A gentle introduction to AMUSE.


During this online session we will give an introduction to the the Astrophysical Multi-purpose software environment (AMUSE). AMUSE is a python package that facilitates multi-scale and multi-physics simulations in astronomy by interfacing with existing codes in a homogeneous environment. AMUSE has been developed over 10 years into a mature software enviroment that allows a large number of astrophysics codes to be combined in novel numerical experiments. The current library included consists of over 30 codes, amongst which codes for gravitational dynamics, stellar evolution, hydrodynamics and radiative transfer. Here we will a short and practical introduction into AMUSE, such that participants will be able to write and run simple AMUSE scripts.

Invited speakers

Inti Pelupessy

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