Special Session SS4  3 July 2020

Radio-loud AGN: Advances in observations and theory driven by next generation surveys

Aims and scope

Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) are widely thought to be a mechanism for both quenching and triggering star-formation, providing the additional energy required to reconcile models of galaxy evolution. With the next generation of radio and complementary multi-wavelength surveys now well underway, we propose to bring together communities from across the field to share their latest findings and plans for utilising this wealth of new information. We will particularly focus on topics, both theoretical and observational, relating to radio surveys; radio galaxy physics; duty cycle; jet feedback; jet and galaxy formation; and how these properties evolve over cosmic time. We will facilitate discussion on what observational properties, such as morphology and spectrum, are telling us about these key topics and how this information can be applied to current and upcoming surveys.


  • Radio galaxy physics
  • Duty cycle
  • Jet feedback
  • Jet and galaxy formation
  • Radio surveys and upcoming facilities

Invited speakers

  • Wendy Williams (Leiden Observatory, Netherlands)
  • James Matthews (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Isabella Prandoni (IRA INAF Bologna, Italy)

Scientific organisers

Andra Stroe (co-chair, CfA, USA), Jeremy Harwood (co-chair, Hertfordshire, UK), Marisa Brienza (Bologna, Italy), Francoise Combes (Paris, France), Marek Jamrozy (Cracow, Poland), Leah Morabito (Durham, UK), Mamta Pommier (Lyon, France), Stas Shabala (Tasmania, Australia), Imogen Whittam (Western Cape, South Africa)


Andra Stroe: andra.stroe @ cfa.harvard.edu
Jeremy Harwood: jeremy.harwood @ physics.org

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