Special Session SS9  1 July 2020

The hot, cold and dusty Galaxy seen in the X-rays

Aims and scope

The interstellar medium is a dynamic and ever changing environment, where multiple-phases co-exist and interact with each other. Dust, cold and warm gas are an important part of the star cycle, providing the material for new stars and planet formation. At the end of the star life, matter is restituted to the environment, where it is further reprocessed.

The advent of high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy and imaging showed the high energy side of the diffuse ISM. He-like and H-like ions trace the hot interstellar medium. All sky surveys revealed the multicomponent nature of the hot gas. On the other hand, lower ionisation ions and X-ray absorption fine-structure features, trace the cold gas and the dust phase. The Galactic center regions, rich of gas and dust give clues on both the origin and evolution of the galaxy and the gas within.

With this event we aim at gathering a complete picture of the ISM phases in the Galaxy as seen in the X-ray band. We will bring together experts both in observation and theory. Additionally, we will provide an outlook to external galaxies and how current X-ray instruments (eRosita, XMM-Newton and Chandra), and future missions (like XRISM and Athena) will help in studying and connecting the different phases of the ISM.


  • Cold gas and dust in the Galaxy
  • Hot phase in the Galaxy
  • The diffuse emission in the Galactic Center
  • The ISM in nearby galaxies
  • Future missions
  • ...

Invited speakers

  • L. Armillotta (Princeton Univ., USA)
  • L. Corrales (Michigan Univ, USA)
  • E. Gatuzz (MPE, Germany)
  • T. Naab (MPA, Germany)
  • G. Ponti (INAF, Italy)
  • D. Rogantini (SRON, The Netherlands)
  • N. Ysard (IAS, France)
  • M. Sasaki (FAU, Germany)

Scientific organisers

Elisa Costantini (SRON, The Netherlands), chair ; Michael Freyberg (MPE, Germany); Gabriele Ponti (INAF, Italy); Sascha Zeegers (ASIAA, Taiwan)


e. costantini at sron. nl

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