Lunch Session LS13  12 July 2023

Science case and overview of the North (MSE) and South (WST) Spectroscopic Survey Telescopes projects

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Aims and scope

Astrophysics is witnessing a golden era with a number of breakthrough discoveries achieved in the last decade or so, and a large variety of new instrumentation and programs planned for the next decade. Nonetheless, a comprehensive understanding of the formation and evolution of structures in the Universe is still missing. A vital element for progress will be the availability of vast all-sky spectroscopic datasets such as those from from EUCLID, LSST and the Roman Telescope, of nearby and distant astrophysical sources at medium and high resolution delivering quantitative measurements of key physical parameters. Equally important is the need for spectroscopy spanning optical to near-infrared wavelengths to map objects from the Milky Way to the observable horizon.

This lunch session is devoted to the two large spectroscopic survey telescopes planned for the next decade and whose ambition is to respond to these strategic issues: the Mauna Kea Spectroscopic Explorer (MSE) in the northern hemisphere and the Wide-Field Spectroscopic Telescope (WST) in the southern hemisphere. An overview of the two facilities will present the similarities and differences between the two projects. Examples of science cases in the fields of galactic and extragalactic/cosmology astronomy will be presented. These talks will be followed by a 30-minute discussion with the community.


  • Overview of MSE, the Mauna Kea Spectroscopic Explorer.
  • Overview of WST, the Wide Field Spectroscopic Telescope
  • Galactic science case
  • Extragalactic and Cosmology science case
  • Discussion with the community
  • Invited speakers

    Scientific organisers

    Roland Bacon(chair), Kim Vy Tran (co-chair), Andrew Sheinis, Jennifer Sobeck, Vincenzo Mainieri, Richard Ellis, Sofia Randich, Laura Magrini, Rodolfo Smiljanic


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