Lunch Session LS2  14 July 2023

Event Horizon Telescope: Beyond the First Images of M87* and Sgr A*

Aims and scope

The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration has released the first images of the supermassive black holes M87*, in the nearby galaxy M87, and Sgr A* at the center of the Milky Way.
These horizon-scale images have provided unprecedented opportunities to test general relativity over three orders of magnitude in central mass. In addition to the two key targets for horizon-scale imaging, EHT observations were performed on several active galactic nuclei with the aim to provide insight into the innermost regions of their relativistic jets. Multi-wavelength campaigns covering the entire electromagnetic spectrum from centimeter wavelengths to TeV emission were coordinated during the EHT observations in order to complement the uniquely high angular resolution accessible with the EHT.
In this short lunch session, we aim to highlight some of the interesting new results that were enabled by EHT observations and reach beyond the first images of M87* and Sgr A*.


The session will be held over an 1.5-hour block and will feature excellent EHT scientists who will speak about the exciting research that has been done beyond imaging M87* and Sgr A*, such as:

  • Imaging of AGN sources at the extreme 20 Microarcsecond resolution of the EHT including:
    • Blazar J1924-2914
    • Blazar 3C 279
    • Blazar NRAO 530
  • Broadband Multi-wavelength Properties of M87 during the 2018 EHT Campaign

Invited speakers

The complete list of confirmed speakers will be announced shortly.

Scientific organisers

Geoffrey Bower (ASIAA, Taiwan; EHT Project Scientist, co-chair),
Mislav Balokovic (Yale University, USA),
Alejandra Jiménez Rosales (Radboud University, Netherlands),
Svetlana Jorstad (Boston University, USA),
Yosuke Mizuno (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China),
Cristina Romero-Canizales (ASIAA, Taiwan)


EHT Speakers Bureau:
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