EAS Council


The Council is the governing body of the Society and it manages, directs, and controls the affairs and property of the Society within the limits of the By-Laws.

The Council shall consist of the five officers of the Society: the President, two Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and of seven other members (since 2022). Members of Council will serve for a period of four years, according to the schedule of the By-Laws. If one of the Council members cannot serve out the normal term, Council may temporarily appoint someone to fill the vacancy until the next election.

Members of Council are elected by the members of the Society. Details are in the By-Laws.


Sara Lucatello (Italy) — President (since 2024; Vice-President 2018-2024)
Responsibility: Chair Council meetings, Business meetings with the Affiliated Societies, and the annual General Assembly; Link to the University of Geneva and EAS Office; Liaison with IAU, AAS, AfAS; Satellite Constellations Working Group; Link to COPUOUS
Sara Lucatello works at the INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova. She obtained her undergraduate degree and PhD from University of Padova, Italy. After postdoctoral work at University of Texas Austin, she was INAF fellow in Padova and later Excellence Cluster Universe fellow in Munich. She joined the faculty at INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova in 2006. She served as a member of the science teams in the SDSS surveys SEGUE-2 and APOGEE and is currently a member of the Galactic Archeology steering committee of European survey WEAVE, where she also coordinates the calibration teams. She has served as a member and co-chair of the Committee of Participation of Women in Sloan and as a member of the Committee for Inclusion in Sloan, the organs for diversity and equal opportunities in the SDSS collaboration. Her scientific interests focus on spectroscopic studies of stellar populations, the formation and chemo-dynamical evolution of the Milky Way and its subcomponents, large Galactic stellar surveys and Big Data in Astronomy.
Lex Kaper (The Netherlands) — Vice-President (since 2020; Councillor 2016-2020)
Responsibility: Chairman of EAS Annual Meeting board
Nabila Aghanim (France) — Vice-President (since 2024; Councillor 2022-2024)
Responsibility: Chair EAS Prize Committee; Oversee nomination of the Lodewijk Woltjer Lecturer; Link to AfAS
Nick Kylafis (Greece) — Treasurer (since 2019, Councillor 2018-2019)
Responsibility: Finances, incl. EAS annual meetings; Recruitment of Organisational members
Andreja Gomboc (Slovenia) — Secretary (since 2024; Councillor 2023-2024)
Responsibility: EAS Annual Meeting Board; Minutes of EAS meetings
Andreas Burkert (Germany) — Councillor (since 2018)
Responsibility: European Regional Office of Astronomy for Development; Overseeing of issues on education; Link to Heraeus Foundation
Agata Różańska (Poland) — Councillor (Councillor since 2020)
Responsibility: Newsletter Editor; EAS Annual Meeting Board; Recruitment of Organisational members in Eastern Countries
Antoaneta Antonova (Bulgaria) — Councillor (Councillor since 2020)
Responsibility: Liaison with Sustainability and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committees; EAS representative for the selection of A&A awards
Jarle Brinchmann (Portugal) — Councillor (Councillor since 2022)
Responsibility: EAS annual meeting Board, Liaison with Sustainability and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committees
Mariya Lyubenova (Germany) — Councillor (Councillor since 2023)
Responsibility: Communication strategy, Liaison with EAS Policy Advisory Commitee; Social media presence
Sven Wedemeyer (Norway) — Councillor (Councillor since 2024)
Responsibility: EAS annual meeting Board
Ignacio Ferreras (Spain) — Councillor (Councillor since 2024)
Responsibility: Deputy Newsletter Editor; Liaison with European Parliament

The EAS Council is helped by the EAS Executive Secretary, Dr Marc Audard, who leads the EAS Office.


The EAS Council holds two meetings every year, one at the beginning of the year (in Rolle since 2012) and one during the EAS annual meeting in June/July.

The minutes of the Council meetings are not publicly available, but those of the Business Meetings held by Council with the representatives of the EAS Affiliated Societies are on-line.

A confusion arises due to the former denomination of the Business Meetings as "Council Meetings", until the change specified in article V.1 of the EAS By-laws in 2009.