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A statement and EAS 2022 policy regarding the war in Ukraine
A word from the President

On 1 March 2022 the European Astronomical Society joined with the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the American Astronomical Society (AAS), and African Astronomical Society (AfAS), the Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA), the Korean Astronomical Society (KAS), and the Royal Netherlands Astronomical Society (RNAS) to release a statement on the appalling consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine which you can find here. Read more

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EAS 2022 in Valencia, 27 June - 1 July 2022
More than 2000 abstracts received, deadline for early registration 29 April 2022

The 2022 EAS Annual Meeting in Valencia, the first in-person EAS meeting in three years, is approaching quickly. The organizers have received 2068 contributed abstracts, close to the level of the EAS 2021 online meeting. The session SOCs have now started to review the abstracts; the final program will be released in April. Besides the 13 Symposia, 38 Special Sessions, and 10 Lunch Sessions, the scientific program includes plenary talks by, among others, Nobel Prize winners Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz, as well as the usual community reports and prize winners lectures. Read more

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Nabila Aghanim and Jarle Brinchmann to join Council at EAS GA 2022
Announcement of EAS Council election results

Elections took place to fill the Councillor position left by Maarten Baes, from the GA 2022 until the GA 2026. Three candidates ran for this election: Nabila Aghanim (Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, France), Jarle Brinchmann (Centre for Astrophysics at the University of Porto, Portugal), and Ulrike Heiter (Uppsala University, Sweden). At the closing of the elections on 10 March 2022, Nabila Aghanim received the highest number of votes, with 448 voting members. The EAS Council congratulates her and looks forward to working with her in the future. Read more

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Awardees of the 2022 EAS Prizes announced
Fritz Zwicky Prize, Tycho Brahe Medal, Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture, and the three MERAC Prizes

Each year the EAS awards a number of prizes to astronomers who have made remarkable contributions. The six awardees of the 2022 EAS Prizes (Prof. Ewine F. van Dishoeck, Dr Jean-Luc Starck, Prof. Bożena Czerny, and Dr Helmer Koppelman, Dr Núria Miret Roig, and Dr Ewelina Obrzud, respectively) have been announced in March 2021 via an EAS press release. They will all receive their prize and give a plenary lecture at the EAS 2022 meeting in Valencia.

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Africa Europe agenda for collaboration in astronomy
Special session held in the frame of the European Union-African Union summit

On 15 February 2022 the African Astronomical Society (AfAS) and the European Astronomical Society (EAS) organised the special session "Africa-Europe agenda for collaboration in astronomy" at the Science and Innovation side events of the European Union – African Union summit. This special session brought together major players in astronomy in Africa and Europe. Read more

About the EAS and the e-Newsletter

The European Astronomical Society (EAS) is a society of professional astronomers founded in 1990 and aiming at promoting and advancing astronomy in Europe. Its contact point is the EAS Office, located at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Started in 2016, the e-Newsletter is a prime communication tool between the society and its members, and it is issued three to four times per year.

If you would like to contribute, please contact Maarten Baes (Ghent University, Belgium), the EAS e-Newsletter editor.

Composition of the EAS Council

Roger Davies, UK
Sara Lucatello, Italy
Lex Kaper, The Netherlands
Inma Domínguez, Spain
Nick Kylafis, Greece
Georges Meylan, Switzerland
Andreas Burkert, Germany
Antoaneta Antonova, Bulgaria
Agata Różańska, Poland
Maarten Baes, Belgium