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EAS Annual Meeting, EWASS 2019, in Lyon, 24-28 June 2019
Early bird registration deadline 28 April 2019

The Annual Meeting of the European Astronomical Society, EWASS, will in 2019 be held at the Manufacture des Tabacs in Lyon. The meeting will take place from 24 to 28 June 2019. The programme consists of 14 Symposia, 41 Special Sessions and 13 Lunch Sessions that cover nearly all fields of astronomy and astrophysics, in addition to several plenary talks, prize awards, exhibitions, etc. The EAS General Assembly will be held on 26 June 2019. Read more

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EAS Annual Meeting, EWASS 2020, in Leiden, 29 June-3 July 2020
Call for proposals for Symposia and Special Sessions before summer

EWASS 2020 will be held in Leiden, the Netherlands, from 29 June to 3 July 2020. The location of the meeting is the Event & Convention Center (ECC Leiden), with its 2700 m² the biggest venue in Leiden. Up to 1200 participants are expected to attend the Annual Meeting of the European Astronomical Society. The call for proposals to organise a Symposium or a Special Session is expected before summer.

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New EAS membership scheme on track
EAS membership already increased to over 2400 members

The EAS is transitioning toward its new membership scheme in which opting-in members of EAS Affiliated Societies receive free membership if they qualify for the EAS membership requirements. Most Affiliated Societies have provided their lists. The EAS membership has now increased from about 900 members to over 2400 members, and a further increase is expected, based on the membership of the remaining Affiliated Societies. Read more

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Tycho Brahe Medal 2019 to Guy Monnet
Tycho Brahe Medal to be awarded at the EWASS meeting in Lyon

The Tycho Brahe Medal is awarded by the EAS in recognition of the development or exploitation of European instruments or major discoveries based largely on such instruments. The 2019 Tycho Brahe Medal is awarded to Prof. Guy Monnet (CRAL, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France) for fundamental contributions to the development and implementation of 3D spectroscopy on optical and infrared telescopes and for his international leadership of observatory instrumentation programmes. Prof. Monnet will give a plenary lecture at EWASS 2019 in Lyon. More information can be found in the EAS press release.

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Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture 2019 to Licia Verde
Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture to be awarded at the EWASS meeting in Lyon

The Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture honours astronomers of outstanding scientific distinction. The 2019 Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture is awarded to Prof. Licia Verde (ICREA at University of Barcelona, Spain) for outstanding work in cosmology, especially in the study of the cosmic microwave background and the large-scale structure of the Universe. Prof. Verde will give a plenary lecture at EWASS 2019 in Lyon. More information can be found in the EAS press release.

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MERAC Prizes 2019 to Nikku Madhusudhan, Evan Keane, and Irene Tamborra
MERAC Prizes to be awarded at the EWASS meeting in Lyon

The MERAC Prizes in 2019 are awarded to best early career researchers. The winner in the category Theoretical Astrophysics is Dr Nikku Madhusudhan (University of Cambridge, UK) for pioneering contributions to exoplanetary science, particularly in advancing the frontiers of atmospheric characterisation of exoplanets. The Observational Astrophysics MERAC Prize is awarded to Dr Evan Keane (SKA Organisation, UK) for investigations of the Transient Radio Sky and the discovery of the second Lorimer burst, now known as Fast Radio Bursts. Finally, the winner is the category New Technologies (Multi-Messenger) is Prof. Irene Tamborra (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) for pioneering contributions to understanding the role of neutrinos in astronomy and astrophysics. All three awardees will give a plenary lecture at EWASS 2019 in Lyon. More information can be found in the EAS press release.

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Inmaculada Domínguez elected as new EAS Councillor
New EAS Council to be installed at the next General Assembly

Elections took place in the period December 2018-January 2019 to replace the Councillor position of Prof. Nick Kylafis who will become Treasurer at the next EAS General Assembly, to be held at the EWASS 2019 in Lyon. We received 200 votes to elect one of three candidates, with Prof. Inmaculada Domínguez (Universidad de Granada, Spain) being elected at the majority. The EAS Council thanks all candidates for agreeing to be on the EAS ballot, and welcomes its new Councillor. Read more

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New EAS Working Group on Inclusion
Deadline for membership applications 15 April 2019

The EAS is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and strives to level the field in higher education and astrophysical research. The Special Session on equity, inclusion and diversity has been a yearly, extremely well attended appointment at the EAS Annual Meeting, EWASS, for several years now, and the event is being formalised as the first EAS Inclusion Day at the Lyon EWASS 2019. The EAS has produced and adopted a very thorough statement of ethics, providing guidelines for good practice for what concerns diversity, equity and inclusion that have been used as a reference for other astrophysical organisations (e.g. European Southern Observatory). Read more

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New EAS mentoring programme
Prospective mentors and mentees are invited

The EAS council is excited to announce a new mentoring programme. The objective of this scheme is to offer early-career scientists (including students) the opportunity to be mentored by a senior astronomer or astronomy-trained professional who has left academia. The mentoring can cover career progression advice (inside or outside academia), time-management, leadership and management skills, amongst a variety of other topics. Read more

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Successful EAS/ESA event in the European Parliament
Possibly the start of an annual event

The EAS and European Space Agency organised an exhibition and talks at the European Parliament in Brussels in March hosted by the office of Clare Moody MEP. The theme of the week-long event was "The Gaia Space Mission: A Triumph of European Science and Technology". This is part of the EAS's drive to enhance the profile of astronomy at the heart of European decision-making and was co-ordinated by the Society's Special Representative to the EU, Prof. Mike Bode. Read more

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European ROAD Project Scientist position available
Application deadline 18 March 2019

The European Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (E-ROAD) is hosted by Leiden Observatory, in partnership with the EAS. The E-ROAD is part of a global network of 8 regional offices, coordinated by the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development. Leiden Observatory seeks a Project Scientist for E-ROAD and several related projects. Full details of the position are available here. Note that the application deadline is 18 March 2019.

Contributed News
Open Access agreement signed between A&A and Max Planck Society
An important step towards Open Access Publishing across Europe?

In December 2018, the Astronomy & Astrophysics journal has signed a two-year transformative Open Access agreement with the Max Planck Society in Germany. Under this agreement, funds previously paid by the Max Planck Digital Library for subscriptions are, instead, converted into a publishing fund. This enables corresponding authors from the Max Planck Institutes to publish their articles under open access in A&A, and at the same time, grants access to the journal's content to all Max Planck researchers. The press release related to this agreement can be found on the EDP Sciences news page. Read more

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