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EWASS 2019 in Lyon, 24-28 June 2019
Selection of Symposia and Special Sessions ongoing

The preparations for EWASS 2019 in Lyon are well on their way. Philippe Prugniel and Elena Pian, chair and co-chair of the SOC, received over a hundred proposals for Symposia and Special Sessions, only a fraction of which can be selected. The final selection will be announced before the registration website for EWASS 2019 is launched early December 2018. Read more

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EWASS 2020 and 2021
EWASS 2020 in Leiden, EWASS 2021 hosts invited

EWASS 2020 will be organised in Leiden, the Netherlands, the site of the oldest university observatory in operation today. We are currently in the process of selecting the venue and preparing the memorandum of understanding. The location of EWASS 2021 is still open. Parties interested in organising the EWASS meeting in 2021 (or beyond) are invited to submit a letter of intent to the chair of the EWASS Board, Lex Kaper (L.Kaper@uva.nl), before the end of this year.

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Report on the EAS General Assembly
Deadline for email ballot 18 December 2018

The General Assembly of the EAS took place on 27 August 2018 at the Austria Center, Vienna. The agenda included a report by the President on the ongoing activities of the Society, followed by a report on the 2017 accounts. The Treasurer of the Society also presented the report of the auditors and an update of the 2018 budget, as well as the budget for 2019. A major fraction of the meeting was devoted to presenting the new membership scheme and all relevant matters, which was well received by the General Assembly. Read more

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New EAS membership scheme moved to the implementation stage
Information from the Affiliated Societies on its way to the EAS office

Council's proposal to increase the membership of the EAS by making it free of charge for qualifying members of the EAS' Affiliated Societies was well received by the Affiliated Societies and by the General Assembly of the EAS. The EAS has thus moved to the implementation stage of this initiative. Read more

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Meet the new EAS Council members
Sara Lucatello, Andreas Burkert and Nick Kylafis have started a four-year term

In the course of 2018, three Council members (Coralie Neiner, Olga Sil'chenko, and Serena Viti) have left Council. Three new Council members have been elected in the February elections, according to the new regulations adopted in 2017. Andreas Burkert (Germany), Nick Kylafis (Greece) and Sara Lucatello (Italy), have started their four-year term this Summer. Read more

EAS News
Call for nominations for the Tycho Brahe Medal 2019
Deadline: 31 October 2018

EAS Council invites EAS members to nominate suitable candidates for the Tycho Brahe Medal 2019. The medal is awarded annually in recognition of the development or exploitation of European instruments, or major discoveries based largely on such instruments. Read more

About the EAS and the e-Newsletter

The European Astronomical Society (EAS) is a society of professional astronomers founded in 1990 and aiming at promoting and advancing astronomy in Europe. Its contact point is the EAS Office, located at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Started in 2016, the e-Newsletter is a prime communication tool between the society and its members, and it is issued three to four times per year.

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Composition of the EAS Council

Roger Davies, UK
Sofia Feltzing, Sweden
Sara Lucatello, Italy
Emmanouil Angelakis, Germany
Johan Knapen, Spain
Lex Kaper, The Netherlands
Georges Meylan, Switzerland
Andreas Burkert, Germany
Nick Kylafis, Greece
Maarten Baes, Belgium