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Spectro-perfectionism for high-fidelity spectroscopyClosing date: 2024-02-15
Contact: Guido Cupani
We are looking for a strong candidate with 3-year research experience in astrophysics, computer science, or engineering, to implement a spectro-perfectionist data reduction software for the super-stable spectrograph HARPS. The successful candidate will work for 1 year (extendable to 2) at INAF-OATs in a stimulating environment, handling state-of-the-art observational data and analysis tools. Full information at http://www.inaf.it/it/lavora-con-noi/assegni-di-ricerca/assegno-di-ricerca-dal-titolo-design-and-implementation-of-a-spectro-perfectionist-reduction-tool-for-the-harps-instrument201d

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