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PhD Fellowship in Disequilibrium Dynamics of Galactic Dark Matter Halos and its Impact on the Milky WayClosing date: 2023-01-25
Contact: La Caixa Fellowships
This PhD will focus on presenting an in-depth study of DM halo wakes harnessing the power of basis function expansions (BFE) to study them in idealised and full cosmological context. In this PhD, the student will use state-of-the-art codes (EXP, Arepo), develop code (integrating a BFE module to Arepo) and design numerical experiments tailored to answer the above questions with applications from stellar halo dynamics to that of the disc to interpret the latest observations (e.g. Gaia, WEAVE, SDSS-V). This will involve use of HPC facilities at the national and European level.

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